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Social responsibility

Adhere to the customer first

Intentions to provide customers with green quality products

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Sustainable development is the corporate strategy that Xiangjiang Paint adheres to

Xiangjiang lacquer "reassures the society". As the highest guiding principle of Xiangjiang Paint's corporate social responsibility, it represents the company's commitment to the company itself, to employees and families, and to all stakeholders.

To this end, Xiangjiang Paint classifies the activities of realizing corporate responsibility in three cycles of economy, nature and responsibility. The level of its own economic activities, the level of environmental protection that directly protects and degrades the natural environment, and the level of caring that supports groups in society who need to be taken care of, step by step to realize the responsibility of an enterprise to the society. Xiangjiang Paint cooperates with strategic partners to carry out corporate social responsibility related activities, and derive it to the whole society and all stakeholders.

Together to achieve the ultimate commitment to protect the environment and achieve green living

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Charitable activities

Xiangjiang River is in a hurry! Xiangjiang River has love!!

A torrential rain raided Changsha, causing serious floods, Xiangjiang urgent! Changsha is in a hurry! In times of crisis, the people of Changsha, united as one, launched a tense and fierce battle to defend urban and rural areas. Xiangjiang Paint Group resolutely transferred manpower and material resources to help the disaster area at the critical stage of heavy production tasks and tight time.

Report on Trail Trail Activities in 2016

In order to enrich the spare-time activities of employees, enhance team cohesion, enhance the physical quality of employees, and show the mental outlook and team spirit of employees, Xiangtu Group organized a trail walking activity in Yanghu Wetland Park of Changsha City on the morning of June 26, 2016, with a total of 110 employees participating in the activity.

Epidemic demons ruthless Xiangjiang River has love!

On the morning of February 19, the Group's three large trucks loaded with epidemic prevention materials drove out of the factory to support the first line of epidemic prevention, with practical actions to help the new coronary pneumonia prevention and control of the war.

Safety and environmental protection

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Production safety

Production safety is an important part of safety management. All production machines of Xiangjiang Coatings use safety and explosion-proof equipment to achieve full coverage of automatic fire alarm systems and combustible gas detection and monitoring devices. All production employees of the group have undergone strict safety theoretical training and fire fighting practice training.

Logistics safety

Xiangjiang Paint is committed to ensuring the safe transportation and storage of products. Through its own standardized transportation fleet + high-quality logistics service providers to join, the group adopts 4G video satellite positioning terminal monitoring and other methods to ensure the safe and fast transportation of products. The Group spends a lot of money to build a standardized and large-scale hazardous chemical storage warehouse to ensure the storage safety of products.

Emergency Response

Xiangjiang Paint is fully prepared for potential accidents. The Group's technical service engineers have accumulated comprehensive knowledge and experience, and provide our partners, customers, suppliers, etc. with expertise in emergency response with the help of a nationwide marketing network.

environmental protection

Xiangjiang Coatings closely links economic benefits with environmental protection when innovating processes, insists on investing in energy conservation and consumption reduction, and continuously increases the research and development of environmentally friendly products; the group insists on strict evaluation and management of suppliers in the procurement process , adhere to the concept of green procurement, strive to drive upstream suppliers to jointly practice social responsibility; continuously improve the existing production process.