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Service Support

Services create value

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Marketing Network

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The company has established a sound marketing and service system, with a number of regional marketing and service centers across the country, and established relationships with many domestic construction machinery companies, rail transit companies, petrochemical companies, real estate construction companies, military companies, and wind power companies. Strategic partnership, is an excellent supplier designated by many companies, designated suppliers, etc. The products cover all major cities in the country and radiate to Southeast Asia, West Asia and other countries.

20 %

The percentage of technicians

200 +

Patent and core technology

1 100 million+

lab equipment value

10 100 million+

R&D spending

Coating integration

The company has a technical application service team and an engineering technology company, which can provide customers with rapid and effective application technical services. The engineering technology company has the second-level qualification for professional contracting of architectural decoration engineering, the second-level qualification for professional contracting of waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering, and the professional contracting of environmental protection engineering. Level-3 qualification and construction safety production license, can provide integrated services of factory overall painting for construction machinery, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and other enterprises, and can undertake various large and medium-sized construction projects. Interior and exterior wall decoration design and construction, floor engineering design With construction, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering design and construction and other projects, it provides integrated services of design, paint and coating to realize customer value.

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Complete coating qualifications

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Rich painting experience

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Strong project management team

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High on-site management ability

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Sophisticated painting equipment

Application technical service

Combining the initials into "Profit" means "profit, value". The Xiangjiang technical service team hopes to convey its service concept to all customers through this purpose: professional, responsible, objective, prompt, enthusiastic and collaborative!







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Logistics Services

Xiangjiang Paint is committed to ensuring the safe transportation and storage of products. Through its own standardized transportation fleet + high-quality logistics service providers to join in, adopt 4G video satellite positioning terminal monitoring and other methods to ensure the safe and fast transportation of products. The Group spends a lot of money to build a standardized and large-scale hazardous chemical storage warehouse to ensure the storage safety of products.

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Paint Academy

Construction guidance Paint quantity calculation Paint film defect analysis and correction

Construction guidance

Most paints and thinners are harmful to human skin. Solvents in paints and thinners can seep into human skin and destroy fatty tissue. Can lead to chapped skin, allergies, eczema or skin infections.


Calculation of paint quantity

Volume Solids (% Volume Solids): The volume ratio of the non-volatile component of the coating to the liquid coating.


Analysis and Correction of Paint Film Defects

In the coating process, the paint film will inevitably have problems, especially the use of spraying methods, for the construction skills require high, inexperienced painters are difficult to avoid not producing paint film defects. Some defects occur during the curing and drying of the coating, and some only appear after it is put into use.